20 Puisi Sedih Versi Bahasa Inggris Cocok Untuk Galau! Tinggal Copas!

Empat Pagi tuliskan sejumlah puisi sedih yang punya makna yang dalam yang cocok temani kamu di saat sedang galau!

Ilustrasi sedih

EMPATPAGI.COM - Puisi merupakan sebuah karya sastra yang berisikan diksi dan pola tertulis guna penyampaian sebuah pesan. Dalam puisi, bahasa yang digunakan menggunakan irama di tiap baitnya. Sehingga dalam pembacaannya, puisi ini menjadi karya seni tulis yang estetis.

Puisi memiliki banyak genre di dalamnya. Ada yang menyampaikan pesan tentang rasa bersyukur, kesenangan, hingga kesedihan. Untuk itu, berikut Empat Pagi tuliskan sejumlah puisi sedih yang punya makna yang dalam yang cocok temani kamu di saat sedang galau!

Puisi Sedih Bermakna Dalam

Ilustrasi sensitif
Ilustrasi sensitif
You told me

That you loved my smile

I guess that is why

You took it away from me forever

It hurts

To be split open

And it hurts

To sew yourself

Back together

But it is better

To cry

As you mend

Your wounds

Than cry

As you

Bleed out

I thought we’d make it

I really did

But fate had

Other plans for us

In the end

We went through all of this

Only to end up without

Each other again

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ilustrasi berimajinasi
ilustrasi berimajinasi
I wonder if you could hear

My heart breaking,

Every time you spoke to me like that,

And if the sound bothered you at all.

Did it?

Doest it?

A broken glass can be put together once again,

Onl to watch it leak from

All the niiks and crannies,

Not ever being able to

Hold anything in it,

Just like how I cannot hold love in my heart anymore

Our problem was that

We fell in love

Without thinking

We would one day

Fall out of love

Even if they’vre been separated

They’ll end up together

You can’t keep lovers apart

No matter how much

I pluck and pull the,

My eyebrows always

Find their way

Back to each other

I woke up thinking the work was one

I would not have to think healing was that easy

When there is no end point

No finish line cross

Healing is everyday work

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ilustrasi emosional
ilustrasi emosional
What comes

Usually goes,

And what

Stays we take

For granted.

My heart is fragile

But you kept breaking it

Then told me you loved me,

Like it was all supposed to be okay.

whenever i'm downlost in the soundof the voices in my headwishing i was deadyou'd be my friend
someone once saidlosing a true friendhurts worse then losing a fake loveonly now do i know what they meant
watching the sunrisewishing i could just apologizebut you believe my heart is full of liestears fall down from my eyesi'm sorry i hurt you;i know not the smartest person person alive

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Ilustrasi intuisi wanita
Ilustrasi intuisi wanita
i never thought our friendship would endever since i met you my life started to bendbut you soon became the popular trend
i wish you needed memaybe then our friendship wouldn't be lost at seai loved you like I've never loved any other friend, you see
i would have given the world for youisn't that what real friends dowhen you left me i became so bluethe black hole of emptiness inside me grew
were never going to be friends again are wei know its because of what you think of meyou filled my life with so much gleei'm sorry you think our friendship wasn't meant to be
i'm sorry for all those things i saidi'm sorry that i want to be deadi'm sorry for all those things i didall those times i brought you downall those time i made you frownyou turned my life upside downi'm thankful i ever got to be your friend
if only if only you knew how i feltif only if only you saw how i dweltevery time i think of you my heart meltsif only if only i could tell you how i felt

if only if only you loved me toobut the chances if that are very fewthe only thing i wish is to be with youif only if only you felt that way too

if only if only i was betterif only if only i wrote a letter

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